The lodge “Zu den Neuen Pflichten” (NPfl) is one of five independent lodges part of the Liberal Grand Lodge of Austria (LGLÖ), which works following the principles of the «Appeal of Strasbourg» of 1961.zirkel

The lodge sees itself as an experimental lodge which means it trys to find new ways of a modern, open and future oriented form of freemasonry without losings its traditional roots.

The lodge is open for all persons without any constraints regarding their origin, sex, social position and confession but with a humanistic and democratic philosophy of life. Those that keep on asking themselves facing a permanent change of their environment: what does one have to do to be a human beeing.

We believe that the answer to this question can only be found through the continuous work with one self. Through the experiences gathered practicing the Royal Art within the three degrees of apprentice, fellow craft and master.