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The Loge works in the three grades apprentice, fellow craft and master.



The lodge sees itself as an experimental lodge, finding new ways towards a modern, open and future oriented form of freemasonry without losings its traditional roots.

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Gotthold Ephraim

The membership of”Gotthold Ephraim” consists of women and men. The focus is on combining the humanitarian ethic and ritual group experience, with the aim of helping each to develop a positive lifestyle.



The Loge works in the three grades apprentice, fellow craft and master.



The membership of ”Logos” consists of women and men, initiated and accepted according to masonic tradition, who work towards universal love and acceptance.

„What must one be, to be human being?“

What is Freemasonry?

The essence of Masonry cannot readily be expressed in words.
     Know Thyself!

       Rule Thyself!

    Ennoble Thyself!

Freemasonry cannot be learnt from books; it has to be experienced.

One of the more important aspect are the regular meetings with their frank and open exchanges of ideas.

Neither political nor religious doctine has place in a lodge. Evaluation of ones own opinions is assessed by listening to, and respecting, others opinions to the various topics under discussion.
Masons see themselves as the „rough ashlar“, the rough and unhewn stone. This must be hewn in order to reveal the hidden perfect cube within.

Freemasonry supplies the tools to attempt to achieve this goal.

Of course, there are many paths that one can take, Freemasonry has been a tried and tested way for many centuries.

  • differs both through time and the societal surroundings. A basic consensus exists in that it attempts the emancipation of humanity and to further tolerance.

  • has a great tradition, however that alone is not enough to achieve its aims.
    Of course, the erudition of our predecessors, and the rituals handed down to us give us guideance and confidence in our attitudes and deeds in the present.

    What we may not lose sight of is the development of a humane and advanced society, which begins with self awareness, self discipline and self betterment

  • should be understood as a framework, not a corset
    Life in the lodges is defined by the members.
    Authority is delegated from bottom to top, accordingly there is responsibility from top to bottom.
    Responsibility is only due to people, not offices.